High Quality Benefits Offered by LAMI Encapsulated Doors


Water & Moisture Proof

The pressure moulded encapsulated sandwich-structure of LAMI doors is built to be completely waterproof and gas proof. LAMI doors will not rot, rust, swell or warp. LAMI doors will stay unaffected by continuous water and moisture even after decades of use. LAMI doors are free of timber or other organic materials that promote bacterial growth. Guarantee

Chemical Resistant

The non-porous smooth surfaces of LAMI doors make them extremely easy to clean. LAMI doors have excellent resistance to most detergents, solvents and other strong chemicals.

Corrosion Free

LAMI doors will not rust. The surface material, glass reinforced polyester, tolerates tough and operational conditions excellently without splintering.


LAMI doors are free of timber or other organic materials that promote the bacterial growth. The encapsulated door structure and smooth surfaces of LAMI doors make them extremely easy to clean and will not harbor dirt or bacteria.

Impact Resistant – Long Life Expectancy

LAMI doors are extremely strong and durable. They can withstand impacts and heavy use without denting or bending. The results from the Hard Body Impact-test have shown that LAMI doors meet the requirements of the best impact resistance test class.

Light Weight and Safe

LAMI doors weighs ca. 9 kg/m2 - this is less than half compared to a conventional door. The light weight nature makes LAMI doors safe and easy to use – even with larger sizes.


Fire rated LAMI doors are tested according to the newest European fire door standard BS EN 1634-1:2008 as well as according to the British Standard BS 476: Part 22. LAMI fire doors also have approvals and certificates in various other countries.

Easy Installation with Choice of Frame Systems

A wide range of frame systems is available to suit various wall constructions and jamb conditions. All frames compliment the features and benefits of the door in terms of hygiene, durability and aesthetics. Choices include our unique aluminium wrap around frame (which eliminates the need for sealant and architrave’s), pressure moulded GRP frames and a range of stainless steel frames to suit the wall thickness.

Co-ordinated Outlook

LAMI doors are available in a wide range of colours and accessories. All doors have the same visual characteristics providing a co-ordinated look for building design.



LAMI doors equipped with automation and accessories provide a working, versatile and accessible solution.

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