Standards and Certificates

LAMI DOORS group follows various legislations, regulations as well as Good Manufacturing Practice requirements. LAMI doors have approvals and certificates in various countries. 

During the years LAMI doors and their accessories have been developed and tested constantly (VTT Building Technology Certificate).  It is of the utmost importance to us to provide high quality and maintenance free product to our clients.

LAMI F30/F60/F120/F240 fire rated door systems have been tested to BS EN 1634-1:2008 as well as to BS 476:Part 22. In addition all LAMI GRP doors are certified by VTT Building Technology.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements

LAMI DOORS GROUP follows the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements on all products as detailed in EudraLex - Volume 4 Good Manufacturing practice (GMP) Guidelines and in its Annex 1 chapter 46 of Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products.

LAMI doors are free of timber or other organic materials that promote the bacterial growth. The encapsulated door structure and smooth surfaces of LAMI doors make them extremely easy to clean and will not harbor dirt or bacteria. The surfaces can also withstand the strongest disinfectants and cleaning agents.


European Technical Approval

LAMI doors have the European Technical Approval, ETA-13/0625, issued by VTT Expert Services Ltd. 

LAMI doors are the first ETA approved doors for hygienic and clean rooms.
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