Recycling Instruction

Doors, frames and metal parts can be recycled. All metal parts of LAMI doors can be recycled via a metal dealer.  An option for the conventional recycling of door leaves is the re-use of door leaf in a secondary application. Door leaves and frames can be returned to LAMI DOORS group. We will take care of the correct recycling of the materials used.

LAMI DOORS group contributes to protect the environment by developing and producing innovative and sustainable door solutions. Even in severe conditions, LAMI GRP doors will provide decades of trouble-free operation under normal use. We are proud to acknowledge that the VERY FIRST LAMI door manufactured in 1966 is still in use today.


LAMI DOORS group has an Environmental Policy. We are pleased to give any further advice on recycling the products.

 LAMI DOORS group are participating in a voluntary ‘Responsible Care’ program of the chemical industry – global initiative in health, safety and environmental issues.

We are pleased to provide any further information on recycling of the products or packages as well as the Approvals of our products.