Installation and Maintenance

Installation of LAMI GRP doors

LAMI GRP doors are no more difficult to install than conventional doors, however it is vital that each door is fitted correctly to ensure optimum performance. Every delivery of LAMI GRP doors includes comprehensive fitting instructions to assist installers in their correct installation. Further assistance can always be gained by calling your LAMI representative. The fitting instructions can also be provided to assist architects at the design stage of a project.

Maintenance of LAMI GRP doors

LAMI GRP door leaves are practically maintenance free. They only require cleaning using any common cleaning agents and spirit based solvents. Carbontetrachlorides, high concentrate chlorides,alkaline washing agents and grinding pastes should be avoided. When pressure washed, take care to prevent the penetration of water through the fixing screws and between the frame and wall construction. Care and attention is predominately concentrated on fittings, locking arrangement and accessories. The correct tightness of fixing screws and the general condition of accessories should be inspected annually. In heavy use it is recommended to make more regular inspections. You can find specific maintenance instructions relevant to each LAMI door type below.
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