LAMI Strip Curtains

LAMI strip curtains are for use in door openings where due to high levels of traffic, including trolleys and forklift trucks, conventional doors would be inappropriate. LAMI strip curtains allow the free flow of traffic but at the same time protect the building against cold, wind and rain. They can also help to control noise and dust transmission. Strip curtains are custom made to the required door opening size. Manufactured from transparent PVC-plastic, the material is suitable for use at temperatures down to -50 °C on internal or external applications.

Lami grp doors strip curtains

Typical Applications

  • Industrial Production and Stock Premises 
  • Non-heated and Chill Room Areas
  • Stores and Markets
  • Agricultural Production

LAMI strip curtains comprise 3 mm thick transparent PVC-strips (CF-50C) 300 mm in width. The strips overlap by 75 mm on to each other (50 % overlap). The length of the strips will be matched to the customers requirements and dependent on the door opening size.


The Brochures include a product description, table of dimensions, technical details, options, accessories and NBS specification.


For basic information of LAMI doors, non-standard sizes, standards and certificates, please find a Technical page.