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20.12.2018 Happy Holidays!

02.10.2017 Lami Doors at the Healthcare Estate, October 10th & 11th 2017

15.12.2016 Muovilami Oy 50 Year Anniversary Party

16.3.2016 Muovilami Oy 50 Year Anniversary

23.12.2015 Happy Holidays!

23.12.2015 Muovilami Oy on the Cleanzone 2015

23.12.2015 Lami Doors Attends the Education Buildings Forum

15.09.2015 Lami Doors Group participating in exhibitions all over the world

21.04.2015 New LAMI doors product catalogue available

05.01.2015 Declaration of Performance (DoP) for CE marked LAMI doors

19.12.2014 Happy Holidays!

29.10.2014 Lab14 Oslo, Norway – Greetings from exhibition

01.10.2014 FinnBuild 2014: Opening Day

26.06.2014 Lami Doors on Sports & Leisure Facilities Forum

25.04.2014 LAMI doors – The ideal choice for Food Safe Premises

26.03.2014 LAMI doors – 25 years guarantee against water and moisture

24.03.2014 Book a CPD Seminar: Best Practice in the Design Of hygienic doors

21.02.2014 Download New LAMI doors Cleaning Instructions

29.01.2014 New LAMI doors Cleanroom Brochure in Danish out now

16.01.2014 LAMI doors in use at Maintenance Facility

31.12.2013 We wish you a succesful New Year 2014!

19.12.2013 Lami Doors Group Wishes You a Wonderful Holiday Season!

13.12.2013 LAMI DOORS GROUP takes part in Christmas Voluntary Work

05.11.2013 Follow Lami Doors Group on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest

24.09.2013 LAMI doors Project: Lalandia Waterpark, Denmark

16.08.2013 Lami Doors Group is seeking an Export Manager

14.08.2013 Lami Doors UK Ltd – a member of the RIBA CPD providers network

09.07.2013 Lami Doors Group operates as usual during the holiday season

07.06.2013 Standard Corrosion and Acid Proof Stainless Steel Lift-off Hinges for LAMI Single Action Doors

10.05.2013 Handing Explained

05.04.2013 Seamless LAMI doors for Pharmaceutical applications, Cleanrooms and Laboratories

07.03.2013 Fire, Acoustic and X-Ray features in LAMI doors

25.02.2013 The GRP Highlights: Lami Doors UK Ltd.

17.01.2013 LAMI doors excellent resistance against detergents, solvents and other strong chemicals

24.12.2012 Happy Holidays!

12.12.2012 Durable LAMI doors are the best choice for renovations

16.11.2012 LAMI doors in use at The Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre

14.11.2012 LAMI DOORS GROUP is currently seeking a AutoCAD designer

30.10.2012 More pics from Lamidoors´ Exhibition stand

19.10.2012 FinnBuild 2012 - Greetings & Feedback from Lamidoors´ Exhibition stand

21.09.2012 Lami Doors Group in FinnBuild International Building & Building Services fair at Helsinki, Finland

18.07.2012 LAMI doors in transit from factory to Russia

01.06.2012 The Benefits and Outlook Offered by LAMI Encapsulated Doors

21.05.2012 Lami Doors Group and LAMI Grp Doors on Facebook

03.05.2012 LAMI doors in use at The Plymouth Life Centre, Devon

26.03.2012 LAMI DOORS GROUP is seeking a Sales Manager for Scandinavia

23.12.2011 Season`s Greetings

21.12.2011 LAMI DOORS Has Launched Its "New Look Website"