CE Marking

The CE marking indicates a product’s compliance with EU legislation and so enables the free movement of products within the European market. By marking the product, manufacturer declares, on his sole responsibility, that the product meets all the legal requirements for the CE marking.

If a product does not fall within the scope of a harmonised product standard, it is not required to have a CE marking. The manufacturer may still acquire a CE marking for the product through the European Technical Approval (ETA) like LAMI doors has done.

CE mark in a product

CE mark is located below the door leaf´s highest hinge.

Example of the CE mark


Declaration of Performance (DoP) 

The Declaration of Performance is a requirement for obtaining a CE marking for a product. The manufacturer draws up the Declaration of Performance according to an European Technical Approval (ETA). The Declaration of Performance lists all values regarding product properties that are required to meet the official regulations. Download LAMI door's DoP documents:

pdf.png  1.0 KAS-, KMS-, KRS- LAMI Single Action Doors

pdf.png  2.0 KKH- and KH LAMI Double Action Doors

pdf.png  2.1 SV LAMI Double Action Doors

pdf.png  2.2 PK LAMI Double Action Doors


 3.0 F15 KAS-, F30 KMS-, F30 KRS-, F60 KMS
       LAMI Fire Doors

pdf.png 4.0 Rw 29 dB KAS- and Rw 35 dB KMS LAMI Acoustic Doors

pdf.png 5.0 KL LAMI Sliding Doors


Read more about CE marking:


LAMI doors are the first ETA approved internal doors and internal fire doors for hygienic and clean rooms.